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Anderson, Indiana


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Two rules when you view this page

1) If you are a seller then do not expect someone to pay the high price.
2) If you are a buyer then buy what you want, because you like the coin and do not expect to buy to reseller higher. Buy the book before the coin.


Please note: uncirculated and graded coins are worth more as well as key circulated coins.  This is an Approximate Value of Various Circulated US Coinage and prices may vary.  There are no guarantees or promises.  

    Large Cents - up to $20
     Flying Eagle Cents - up to $15
     Indian Cents - up to $2
    Lincoln Cents (Pre-1958) - up to $.25

    Shield Nickels - up to $10
    Liberty or V Nickels - up to $2
    Buffalo Nickels - up to $2
     Jefferson Nickels from 1942-1945 - up to $.20

     Bust Dimes (1837 and earlier) - up to $10
     Seated Dimes - up to$8
     Barber Dimes - up to $3
     Mercury Dimes - up to $3
     Roosevelt Dimes (1964 and earlier) -  up to $1

     Bust Quarters (1838 and earlier) - up to $10
     Liberty Seated Quarters - up to $10
     Barber Quarters - up to$5
     Standing Liberty Quarters - up to $3
     Washington Quarters (1964 and earlier) - up to$2

Half Dollars
     Bust Half Dollar (1839 and earlier) - up to $50
     Liberty Seated Half Dollar - up to $20
     Barber Half Dollar - up to$8
     Walking Liberty Half Dollar - up to$4
     Franklin Half Dollar - up to $3
     Kennedy Half Dollar (1964-1969) - up to$1

     Early Dollars (1840 and earlier) - up to $150
     Liberty Seated Dollars - up to $50
     Morgan Dollars - up to $20
     Peace Dollars - up to $15
     Eisenhower Dollars - up to $5
     Anthony Dollars - up to $2
     George Washington Dollar Coin without the inscription on the side up to $60



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