Madison County Coin Club
Anderson, Indiana


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What follows is a tale of three coin clubs located within 45 to 60 minutes drive in East Central Indiana.  From time to time we hear of struggling coin clubs and even a few that have disbanded.  The purpose of this tale is to celebrate what is good and healthy in our great hobby.  Perhaps those clubs that are in trouble can glean some ideas for their survival.  Readers will have the opportunity to study three club profiles and then look at comparisons and contrasts.  Finally, a summary of what these clubs appear to be doing to be successful will be offered.

 Are these three clubs unique to our hobby?  Probably not !  Are there larger, more successful coin clubs somewhere in the U.S.?  Probably so !  Are there reasons to learn from the experiences and practices of these and other clubs?  Absolutely !  And so begins a “tale of three clubs”......


THE MADISON COUNTY COIN CLUB -  Location: Anderson, Indiana - Population: 59,734. 
Number of paid members = 63;
Number of female members = 8
Number of junior members = 3
Number of married couples = 5
Average monthly attendance = 35
Administrative year = Sept. 1 - Aug. 31
Meeting Place = Anderson Library
Annual Dues = $5.00 adults & $1.00 juniors, No life memberships
Meeting Day = 3rd Monday of Month
Annual Show = 4th Saturday in April with 30 tables held at National Guard Armory
Fall Show = 4th Saturday in September with 30 tables held at National Guard Armory
Monthly newsletter = emailed to members with hard copies for non-Internet users
Year club was founded = 1957

- Location: Marion, Indiana - Population 31,320
Number of paid members = 122
Number of female members = 24
Number of junior members = 13
Number of married couples = 17
Average monthly attendance = 42
Administrative year = Jan. 1 - Dec. 31
Meeting Place = Public Library
Annual Dues = $2.00 adults & $1.00 juniors, No life memberships
Meeting Day = 1st Monday of Month
Annual Show = 4th Saturday in March with 46 tables held at County 4-H Fairgrounds Community Building
Monthly newsletter mailed to all members
Year club was founded = 1958

THE MUNCIE COIN AND STAMP CLUB - Location: Muncie, Indiana - Population 67,430
Number of paid members = 168 
Number of female members = 40 
Number of junior members = 14
Number of married couples = 25
Average monthly attendance = 70
Administrative year = Sept. 1 - Aug. 31
Meeting Place = Community-based educational center 
Annual Dues = $6.00 adults & $1.00 juniors, Life Memberships @ $50.00 
Meeting Day = 2nd Tuesday of Month 
Annual Show = 4th Sunday in January with 66 tables held in community convention center 
Monthly newsletter mailed to all members
Year club was founded = 1957


The major source of income for all three clubs is two-fold:  1. The annual show profits and 2. Show-related raffles.  These clubs also conduct monthly meeting raffles for some additional income.   Profit from these sources is generally spent on the membership and  local charities.  The Marion Coin Club conducts an annual Christmas auction with all lots gift-wrapped and no identification of contents.  Monies raised at this auction are matched by the club treasury and donated to the Salvation Army.

All three clubs conduct their meetings with a simple three-part format:  First, a short business meeting;  Second, a program;  Third, an auction by and for members.

Business meetings vary in length and content usually consists of  minutes, treasurer’s report and discussion of old and new business.  Programs also vary and include speakers, “members’ show & tell,”  quizzes,  video presentations, and “coins of the month.”  The club auctions feature 25 to 125 lots and can take as long as two  hours.  Members are limited as to the number of lots they can enter and are allowed to put a reserve price on their lots OR have one bid to protect their items from being sold too cheaply.

 A core of 13 collectors belong to all three clubs and regularly attend all monthly meetings.  A similar number belong and attend two of the three clubs.  Two of the clubs hold annual picnics and all three conduct an annual dinner.  Members of two clubs earn free dinners by selling a set number of show raffle tickets.  The other club provides a free meal to all members in good standing.   The dinners are typically held at buffet-style restaurants and often feature live entertainment,lots of door prizes and plenty of good old-fashioned fellowship.

Are there any secrets to the success of these three clubs?  Indeed!  These clubs are will-established, well organized and well run.  The members truly enjoy each others company.  There is a pervasive friendly atmosphere at all club activities.  Meetings are energized and provide time for the exchange of ideas, information and coins, currency, tokens, medals and stamps among members.

Please consider this to be a standing invitation to visit any of these clubs anytime you are in the Hoosier State!



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